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It is difficult to share this devastating news with you.

Our daughter Ava, a 15-year-old gymnast on the Australian National Team, sustained a serious spinal injury at training on 7 April 2023. Despite emergency surgery, she has had no movement yet below her point of injury.

Ava has been a dedicated gymnast since the age of 5. She is one of Gymnastics’ Australia’s Junior International athletes, that was training for the 2024 Olympics. Her mental and physical strength has carved a path to beat the unbelievable odds it takes to reach this level in elite sports.

It’s hard to express in words or photos the magnitude of how much Ava’s life completely changed overnight. We are told we have a very long road ahead. It has been an inconceivable process we are not asking any of you to imagine.

We are asking you to spread a positive message for hope, love and prayers.

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